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Lost Angles, we strive to be the go-to for design consultation and custom decor. The Lost Angles designers can help you get the most out of your interior space. We promise to add a unique aesthetic that will draw customers to your store, increase your businesses’ bottom line, or add value to your home. We offer consultation, custom decor, and tailored services that will enhance your business or home, and touch your soul. It is our wish to fulfill your decorating needs with our unique, inspirational services and creations.
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22 Dec Joe Skillz

While out and about we happened to come upon our friend Joe Skillz, and got to see his then work in progress. You never know what you'll come across or who you'll run in to in Deep Ellum, but one thing is assured, there's never...

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22 Dec Verum Clothing @ Capital L

Local Dallas fashion meets a new and emerging Deep Ellum culture. Verum Clothing launched their 2014 line with a show that we had the privilege of attending. For more, check out there website here. [gallery columns="6" link="file" ids="1110,929,930,1109,932,933"]    ...

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09 Nov JR Exhibit

When JR came through town and was showing at the Dallas Modern we made it a point to check it out. This world traveled artist is one of our favorites. His photography and installations speak for the people and places he visits and often showcase...

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06 Nov From a Galaxy far, far away…

For the last several years, Lost Angles co-founder Caleb S. Kirkland has been an active Creative Director and structural engineer for Diesel Displays. Due to NDA's it's tough to get pictures of his work. This piece was created for Legos as an interactive digital display...

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