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Lost Angles, we strive to be the go-to for design consultation and custom decor. The Lost Angles designers can help you get the most out of your interior space. We promise to add a unique aesthetic that will draw customers to your store, increase your businesses’ bottom line, or add value to your home. We offer consultation, custom decor, and tailored services that will enhance your business or home, and touch your soul. It is our wish to fulfill your decorating needs with our unique, inspirational services and creations.
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About This Project

Epocha is located in the burgeoning south end of Deep Ellum and was rated the #1 2014 shoe boutique in Dallas by D Magazine. Owner Brandon Ayala came to us with his concept and within just a few short weeks Epocha’s brick and mortar was born. Lost Angles resourced local materials to build a 65 ft long wall of uniquely merchandisable space. We were even able to repurpose existing discarded steel conduit as the clothing hang bars. This client was very much into the concept of preserving the heritage of his Deep Ellum space. The use of texture, color, and spacial resourcefulness was a fun challenge but the results speak for themselves.


In addition to creating a space for retail, Lost Angles was also honored to host the first showing of art in Epocha’s front gallery space, featuring original pieces created by Lost Angles.


Epocha has an amazing atmosphere, not just because of the decor, but because of the ongoing genuine passion that goes in to it’s creation as a concept.