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Josey Records

About This Project

Josey Records and Music of Dallas is more than a record store; it’s a music mecca with 15,500 sqft of floor space dedicated to all things music! With rows upon rows of new and used vinyl bins to their stacks of CDs and new releases, you can find just about anything you’re looking for at Josey.



Lost Angles came in on this project to create record bins and ended up filling the 15,500 sqft from top to bottom with our creations. 85+ record/cd/and dvd bins were the beginning but this job eventually grew to four separate lounge areas, elevated DJ booth with remote controlled LED lit color changing acrylic accents, hardwood oak and hairpin legged side tables and benches, and an art gallery that holds the work of over 8 local artists.  This is one of those projects that you have to come in and experience to appreciate the size and scale of this concept. 


Don’t forget to check out their two live performance areas where you can catch all of the best local bands that Dallas has to offer as well as the live DJ booth where you can catch some great tunes and turntable action: part of their Josey weekend DJ series.